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I just came off the plane, had a very nice trip to a london meeting with a few fellow contacts out of the banking business. This very morning I traded a little bit of our “Bollingerband” strategy and pocketed a nice 650 usd, just to keep my skills and instincts good..

You know, a good trader stays on top of his game right?

I have people trading for me now but I still love the game and need to hone my skills 😉

Have you started making money yet ? I got my tech guys to modify the site a little with minor tweaks to make it even easier for you to get started!

In Short:


Modified video 2 to SHOW now how my student takes 2500 eur from his Brokerage and wires it to his bank.. so that you can see CLEARLY that this is no hocus pocus but real!

(near the end of THIS video)

the 2 things you need to start:

a.) brokerage account:

How to trade:

(video tutorial)

Get a cup of coffee and watch carefully.. let me know how much money you earn with it.. I love success stories (make me feel all warm and fuzzy inside)


From a snowy Düsseldorf (pretty cold here)


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