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s: [Live Training] How to Trade “Weekly Options” *My Way*…

Last week, I closed down enrollment to my Instant Options Income advisory service. Hundreds of new students joined me from all around the world over just a few days.

Because most of the regular “newbie” questions have been addressed, I’ve decided to re-open enrollment and let a few more new students into the program, but only through this Wednesday at 11:59pm Eastern….

Since the benefits of weekly options should be obvious now to everyone who saw my training website last week, if you haven’t joined me yet you probably have some questions that haven’t been answered.

So I’m going to be hosting a special live webinar training event this Tuesday at 4pm Eastern (1pm Pacific) and also on Wednesday at 9pm Eastern (6pm Pacific) all about:

  • How to trade weekly options my way in a safe & effective manner, where the goal is to earn 2% every 7 days, averaging up to 30% every year.

I designed this training to be like a “master class” on weekly options — and it’s FREE to attend if you’re my reader or student.

Go here to register for TUESDAY at 4pm Eastern…

Go here to register for WEDNESDAY at 9pm Eastern…

There are a few “catches”:

  1. The training is open to the first 1,000 people who register.
  2. There will not be a recording of the webinar, so you must attend.
  3. I cannot guarantee you will make 2% every 7 days (no one can guarantee that), but that is indeed the goal and I’ll show you everything you need to know to go after that.

If you liked my Instant Options Income training website, then I think you’re going to LOVE the webinar because you’ll get to talk to me LIVE after the presentation.

Go here to register for TUESDAY at 4pm Eastern…

Go here to register for WEDNESDAY at 9pm Eastern…

See you on the live training!

Good Trading,

Bill Poulos

p.s. Remember, the “second chance” offer expires this Wednesday at 11:59pm, so if you’re ready to enroll and want to join my Instant Options Income program right now, go here…


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